Heesco Town – Yarram

“Moving to a rural property near Yarram in Victoria, I set about establishing a small tapas bar and gallery and invited my street artist colleague Heesco Khosnaran to come and paint on the walls of the bar. Other building owners saw the result and asked for their walls to be designed and painted. This quickly escalated into town wide painting frenzy, where I designed and project managed 24 murals in 24 months, with Heesco transforming selected building walls into a blaze of colour. I also created all marketing and film assets for this project which went on to take out the Gold Award for the best street art trail in Australia in 2020 and 2021.

Yarram (now fondly referred to as Heesco Town) has been promoted right around the globe on major TV Networks, featured in magazines, on-line news outlets and highlighted in a multitude of social media channels.”

Wayne McCarthy-Tindall

Wayne McCarthy-Tindall & Heesco Khosnaran