Wayne McCarthy-Tindall

The Artist

McCarthy-Tindall lives and works in Sheffield Tasmania as a practicing artist working across a broad spectrum of art disciplines including:


Born in Auckland New Zealand in 1951, Wayne has spent his life dedicated to the visual arts and film making, studying painting at Canterbury University in Christchurch New Zealand.

Film Production/Multimedia

Moving to Melbourne Australia in the early 80’s, Wayne with his wife Anne, established and ran a major film production company, producing countless corporate films, media campaigns and ‘made for TV’ documentaries.

Street Art/Galleries

Wayne has exhibited prints and paintings widely throughout New Zealand and Australia and later in his career created with Anne his wife, a vibrant art Gallery (Chaotica Gallery) that saw a whole inner-city laneway (Artists Lane) transformed into one of Melbourne’s finest street art precincts.

Heesco Town – Yarram Victoria

Moving to country Victoria in Gippsland, McCarthy-Tindall took the inner-city street art vibe to a whole new level, teaming up with fellow artist Heesco Khosnaran to transform the whole town of Yarram into an award-winning mural town. Wayne produced the entire project from go to whoa over a period of 24 months, finding sympathetic wall owners, designing the murals, production managing the painting, filming a documentary and feeding the finished results to the world on social media platforms. Heesco Town has gone on to win the coveted ‘Best Australian Street Art Trail Award’ two years in a row in 2020 and 2021. The project is now managed by a small group known as the ‘Friends of Heesco Town’.

Community Media Campaigns

Between these very public art projects, Wayne worked with many Aboriginal communities around Australia creating powerful and far reach Anti-Smoking and Anti-Violence media campaigns that include:

  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Commercials
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • USB Wristbands
  • T-Shirts & Caps
  • Social Media Elements
  • Web Development and
  • Marketing