Chaotica – Four New Skate Parks

Recently, Wayne Tindall won a tender for the Golden Plains Shire to add an exciting ‘Street Art’ dimension to new Skate Parks being developed in Smythesdale, Teesdale, Rokewood and Linton in Victoria.

The concept, style of art and artwork themselves were developed in partnership with the Skate Park reference group.  Wayne Tindall from Chaotica chose Heesco Khosnaran to help work with this group of young people throughout the design and delivery of the project.

We worked closely with the:
• Skate Park reference group – made up of young people who will be using the Skate Park
• Council steering committee – Arts Officer, Youth Officers, Recreation Officer and Community Works Officer.

We initially gathered all ideas from local young people who use the park and then worked with them  to transform the park into something they can be proud of. Once again, this project has underlined the positive ANTI GRAFFITI approach of positive community art engagement developed by Chaotica’s Wayne Tindall in Artists Lane, Melbourne.







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