New Media

Tindall spends a great deal of time wording with “New Media” for want of a better term. This experimentation has seen a significant body of work where the more traditional art forms like oil paintings converge with digital technology. This has resulted in several portraits that have integrated digital images and video with oil paintings, traditional photography and sculpture.  Many pieces are activated using voice recognition software triggered by the viewer’s comments or can be accessed by touching various parts of the painted surface.

The first of these portraits (an interactive study of fellow artist Mirka Mora) was entered into the Archibald Portrait Competition in 1997, receiving enthusiastic support from the media and public and a ‘rather cool reception’ from the judges.

This painting was featured in the recent book ‘Let’s Face It’ – The History of the Archibald Prize’.

Another interactive painting entered into the Archibald featured a full sized plasma screen integrated with an oil painting of Indigenous elder Gatjil Djerrkura. The video segments of the painting are ‘activated’ by touching coloured dots on the actual painted surface.

Watch the video showing the final interactive painting

Interactive Painting from wayne tindall on Vimeo.

Another major work features a 2.5X2.5 metre portrait of a semi-nude model playing the cello. The actual bridge and strings are featured in the piece along with a small flat screen panel that plays in close up the cello being played. This piece titled “Cello Girl” is the ‘centre of attention’ in the artist’s studio-gallery.

Watch my video showing the interactive Cello Girl photograph running

Cello Girl from wayne tindall on Vimeo.


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