GEGAC – Anti Smoking

Wayne recently put his ‘creative hat’ on to come up with an impressive ‘Anti Smoking Campaign’ for the Indigenous Community in Bairnsdale Victoria through the Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative (GEGAC). With this campaign, he worked with Aboriginal young people to come up with the campaign ideas and to act in the TV commercials. Once again, an extremely positive campaign.






All young people involved were exposed to all aspects of pre production, production and post production including ‘pitching’ the ideas to the steering committee and answering all questions ‘thrown at them’.
They were exposed to full broadcast standard production processes with a great deal of ‘hands on’ experience which resulted in a “making of” DVD shot entirely by the young crew.

All young people involved were paid well over equity rates for every hour they put in. Actors or (talent) were drawn from the community and were also paid above equity rates for their performances. This resulted in a great ‘buy on’ from the community itself as well as much needed funds flowing back to the target audience in a way that was positive and helped ‘drive the messages home’.

It was envisaged from the start of this campaign that the ‘real message’ would be driven home by creating a ‘buzz’ in the community to such an extent that the TVC’s themselves became a supplement. At the time of writing this has already proven to be the case well before the official launch and the ads going to air.
1. ABC radio did a story on day 2 of production arriving ‘on set’ and interviewing the young crew and filming segments for their ‘On Line’ Blog.
The radio story went to air the next day.
2. The Bairnsdale Advertiser did a front-page story on the third day of production which was seen by a wide audience.
3. Wayne played the finished TVC’s and the final cut of the “making of” DVD to the young trainees and filmed their reactions. WIN TV News turned up for this event and put a compelling story to air that night.

The campaign has been an overwhelming success with many in both the Aboriginal and wider community quitting smoking for good.


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