“My work is an essential expression of the ‘unseen real’, the spiritual being who is having a physical experience. I’m more interested in the ‘what lies beyond the veil’ and how the fine arts can provide a highway taking us from the physical to the metaphysical.”

Wayne Tindall

Wayne lives and works in Binginwarri Victoria as a practising artist working across a broad spectrum of art disciplines including:

Poetry and

Born in Auckland New Zealand in 1951, Wayne has spent his life dedicated to the visual arts and film making.

Wayne studied painting at Canterbury University in Christchurch New Zealand.


In New Zealand, the Wayne spent many of his early years studying theology with a view to becoming a Christian Pastor. A great deal of the work directly after this period and again more recently deals with the intense struggle between the unseen world of spirits and gods and the mortality and the frailty of the human condition.

Community Media Campaigns

Recently Wayne has been working with many Aboriginal communities creating powerful and far reach Anti Smoking and Anti Violence media campaigns that include:

TV Commercials
Radio Commercials
USB Wristbands
T-Shirts & Caps
Social Media Elements
Web Development and


Street Art/Galleries

Wayne has exhibited prints and paintings widely throughout New Zealand and Australia and has even created his own art Gallery (Chaotica Gallery) that saw a whole city block laneway (Artists Lane) transformed into one of Melbourne’s finest street art precincts.

Wayne has now brought Chaotica Gallery to his property in the country and is currently working on creating an “Art Farm” where sculpture and paintings are on exhibit throughout rural and bush walking tracks. He also is creating Chaotica as a country based Art Event Space featuring music, sculpture, paintings, food and wine.

Corporate Productions

Wayne has spent many years heading up significant video, film and multimedia companies based in Melbourne winning awards for ‘breakthrough’ ideas and excellence in production standards.

Today Wayne works as a consultant on many important corporate assignments where his inventiveness, creativity and vast experience in the corporate media marketplace is eagerly sought out.



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